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June 21, 2017
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What to look for in a Digital Marketing Course in Delhi?

digital marketing course in delhi

Do you want to do Digital Marketing course in Delhi? But not able to decide, which one to choose?

I am here to help you on this.

Being a digital marketing consultant myself, I can give you top 11 key factors to look for in a Digital Marketing course in Delhi.

Here is the list:


1. Curriculum – Theory

If you research a bit, you will notice that most digital marketing institutes in Delhi do not focus on theory part.

Either they keep it limited or they completely remove it from the curriculum. Both ways, it limits your knowledge of marketing. And also limits you to become a complete professional.

The foundational learning and knowledge of Marketing and Advertising is highly imperative. It is the foundation without which you cannot expect to learn digital marketing properly.

The theory should contain, important lessons on Marketing concepts such as marketing mix, consumer behavior, innovation, advertising, branding etc.

Make sure theory is part of your curriculum before you join a digital marketing course.


2. Curriculum – Practical and Hands on Training

Now comes the most crucial part. That is practical knowledge and training, and hands on training in Digital Marketing.

Why is it crucial?

There are lot of technologies, platforms, software, apps, tools, and equipment you have to deal with in digital marketing.

For example, in online video production, you should have hands on training on DSLR, lighting and audio setup.

Moreover, you should get opportunity to work on an actual project. That enhances your learning experience substantially. Also, you get complete understanding of concepts and theories application in to practice.

Underline this, there’s no substitute to practical learning and hands on training.


3. Teaching Methodology

Digital Marketing is not just any other subject that can be taught using conventional approach to teaching.

A trainer has to innovate.

For example: you may have to work in team while in your digital marketing job. Understanding this your trainer ensures that all students are grouped in different teams. And each team is afforded with actual digital marketing problem.

Then what will happen?

You actually start learning better. You understand team dynamics, and learn to deal with work pressure. Moreover, you learn and gain knowledge as you go.

A trainer equipped with right skills and experience can create such an environment in a classroom.


4. Classroom Experience

To learn digital marketing, you need a proper classroom experience. Where you have right technology, tools, and support from trainer.

Moreover, trainer is itself equipped with top class content.

Also, trainer should be ensuring equal participation of all. In addition, all participants should have learning and study materials at hand.

All these come together to give you a perfect classroom learning experience.

Hence, make sure you get opportunity to test out the classroom experience before you join any digital marketing institute in Delhi.


5. Digital Marketing Tools

There are wide variety of digital marketing tools available. And it is recommended to learn them to be an effective digital marketer.

Hence, before you join a digital marketing course make sure what are the tools that you will learn throughout the course.

Let me give you an overview of digital marketing tools and its categories:

  • Graphic Designing – Photoshop, Corel Draw etc.
  • Video Production – Movie Maker, Abode Premiere etc.
  • Analysis – MS Excel
  • Writing & Planning – MS Word
  • Advertising – Google AdWords, Facebook Ads etc.
  • Analytics – Google Analytics, Google Webmasters etc.
  • Web Site Development – WordPress, Blogger, OpenCart etc.
  • Ad Serving Tool – DoubleClick
  • Email Marketing Tool – MailChimp, Mailpoet etc.
  • Keyword Researching – Google Trends, SEMRush etc.
  • Competitor Analysis – SimilarWeb, SEOQuake etc.
  • Social Media – Buffer, Hootsuite, Twitter Bots etc.
  • Team Management – Google Keep, Trello etc.
  • SEO Tools – Open Site Explorer, Majestic SEO, Ahrefs etc.
  • SEO Audit – QuickSprout Analyzer, SEOOptimer, Schema Creator etc.
  • Content – SumoMe, Hemingway App, Copyscape etc.

This list can go on and on.

There are lot of tools in Digital Marketing. All you have to do is learn the strategic tools crucial to your career in digital marketing.


6. Apart from Digital Marketing Tools

Apart from digital marketing tools, what you get is also important. Let me tell you what you should look for:

  • Study Materials
  • Book Packages
  • In-class Handouts
  • Templates
  • Online Support
  • Resume/CV Development
  • Personality Development
  • Doubt Sessions
  • Industry Meetups
  • Interview Preparation
  • Seminar and Events

These things enhance your learning experience and gives you an all-round knowledge in digital marketing.

Most digital marketing institutes often fails to deliver on this. Therefore, make sure you get all these things before joining the course.


7. Case Studies and Live Project

Often due to virtually no library services and trainer’s incapability, students do not get to learn and analyze digital marketing case studies.

It is important from the perspective of learning to develop digital marketing strategies and campaigns. As you study various case studies you also learn the practical implementation of digital marketing.

These case studies get you the knowledge and information that surpasses everything else.

In addition, practical knowledge should get be delivered through live projects and hands-on training.

A digital marketing course is incomplete without live project. In a live project you actually learn to implement and innovate with digital marketing. Which is otherwise not possible to do so.


8. Industry Network

It can be your trainer’s or institute’s industry network. But somehow, you will need assistance of one of them to help you lay your stepping stone.

Industry network not only helps you in finding job opportunities. But also, updates you with latest happenings and trends.

Above all you yourself becomes part of the network. That is always available to help you at the need of hour. Also, help you in lifelong learning.

Moreover, if you are planning to launch your startup then again industry network helps. It may get you the right people on board, right resources and also the first initial customers/clients.


9. Digital Marketing Certifications

I personally believe that skills and knowledge are above degrees and certifications. Even industry agrees on that.

But, if you are starting out in digital marketing then certifications help you in getting first job.

In India, there are no UGC recognized body to certify digital marketing course. However, there are private bodies doing that.

Apart that, there are few institutes such as NIESBUD (National Institute of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development, Govt. of India) that offers digital marketing certification.

Furthermore, there are world renowned bodies such as ICDL (International Computer Driving License Foundation) that offers digital marketing certification.

Apart from these, then there are Google AdWords and Analytics certifications that are freely available. All you need is to pass their exams and qualify for it.  

These certifications can be used in getting a job in startups, MNCs, or government organizations. Also, if you are starting a business these certifications are helpful in getting loans.


10. Post Digital Marketing Course Completion

Most digital marketing institutes in Delhi often abandon their students right after course completion.

Therefore, as you finalize to join a digital marketing course ensure that you will get post course completion support.

You should look for following post-course completion support:

  • Interview preparation and arrangement
  • Personalized guidance
  • Startup support and guidance
  • Placement support
  • Internship

These are the basic support you could ask for.


11. Mentoring

Lastly, a digital marketing institute should get you mentors. Your trainer could also be your mentor.

What does a mentor do exactly?

A mentor helps you to plan your career or business as you start out. It guides you with practical answers and information.

However, in order to deliver such mentoring, a mentor needs to be industry expert.

Also, in your lifelong learning and industry networking mentor plays that most crucial role.


I hope you find these tips useful.

If you plan to join a digital marketing course, make sure you check this list.

We at Learning Skills offers Dual Certification Digital Marketing course that checks all these things given above. If you want to learn more about you can call our counselors on +91 8750081919.

Do you have any suggestions or query? Feel free to share it with us.

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