6 Days Online Ecommerce Workshop

The 6 days Ecommerce Management and Marketing workshop offer you practical training to develop ecommerce website and launch e-commerce business.

India is witnessing e-commerce boom, which is lead by Amazon and Flipkart. However, there are many other e-commerce websites that are doing profitable business. 

You could also join this bandwagon by attending our Ecommerce workshop in Delhi. The workshop will give you 100% practical training. 

You will create an ecommerce website in the class itself, and also will learn to market it online. Other workshops on digital marketing in Delhi are very limited in their practical part. 

However our digital marketing workshop is very detailed and completely practical. The trainer ensures that you are ready to start ecommerce business after the workshop. 

You will learn the following in this Ecommerce workshop

Ecommerce Website Development & Designing

At the workshop you will learn to develop ecommerce website development and designing. That includes payment gateway integration, product listing and setting up product categories.

Ecommerce SEO 

After launching the ecommerce website, it is time to take it into the top searches. You will learn proven ecommerce SEO tips and tricks to get into the top ranks and generate sales. 

Ecommerce Social Media Marketing

You will learn new age social media platforms and marketing to generate ecommerce sales. Moreover, you will learn to build brand through social media marketing (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Google My Business). 

Online Advertising

You will learn to create ads on Google Ads and Facebook Ads to increase your sales within a short span of time. Moreover, tricks to save your cost and get maximum value in turn. 

Affiliate Marketing and Drop Shipping

Do you know you can earn affiliate commissions through your Ecommerce website? Affiliate marketing and drop shipping can help you further maximize your earnings.

Facilities you get at the Ecommerce workshop

projector based classes
digital marketing notes & slides
free notepad and pen
free internet wifi
air conditioned classes

Why you should attend the Ecommerce workshop?

In India, you are aware that there is an ecommerce boom. Many offline businesses have a presence online but they are either selling on Flipkart or Amazon India. As many businessmen and entrepreneurs have no experience in ecommerce therefore, they don’t have ecommerce website to directly sell online. 

This Ecommerce workshop can be a game changer for your business and career. You learn to sell online through your ecommerce website directly. Eventually saving your huge cost and maximizing your returns.

Who should attend Ecommerce workshop?

We recommend young college students, entrepreneurs, online retailers, wholesalers, distributors, and professionals to attend this Ecommerce workshop.

Top features of Ecommerce workshop

  • You gain knowledge to not only create an ecommerce website but also manage and promote it online. 
  • The workshop is a 100% practical session, where trainer will encourage you to create a website in class. 
  • In step by step method, the instructions will be provided to allow you to easily follow up on practicals. 
  • Participants will be provided post workshop support as well, which means you can always call trainer for help or guidance.
  • Right after the Ecommerce workshop you can start your Ecommerce business.
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