Our online Digital Marketing and eCommerce Marketing courses are certified by NIESBUD (Govt. of India) and ICDL Asia

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Hand-picked Digital, SEO, Social Media and E-Commerce books, e-books, guides and study materials.

Our training faculty has years of experience in the digital industry of India with both private organizations and government bodies.
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Access to each recorded sessions and tutorials with subtitles and engaging content will be provided in a sequential manner.
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Important topics and tutorials to take place in online live training sessions with our digital marketing trainer.
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Online Q&A forum, e-mail, and SMS support to be provided to all students, where the trainer will directly answer all your queries.

ALERT: You can register for the following courses by clicking on the “Register Online” button. The registration charge is Rs. 100/- that allows you to attend the first class. Thereafter you can make up your mind to join in by paying the fee.

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online digital marketing certification
  • Start Date: 15th September 2017
  • Registrations Open Till: 14th September 2017
  • Certifications: NIESBUD & ICDL Asia
  • Duration: 3 months
  • Total Fee: Rs. 22,000/- 
online ecommerce certification
  • Start Date: 24th September 2017
  • Registrations Open Till: 23rd September 2017
  • Certification: NIESBUD & Others
  • Duration: 2 months
  • Total Fee: Rs. 18,000/-

Top Ten Reasons to Join Our Online Digital Marketing Courses

There are many digital marketing institutes in Delhi from small to big ones.

But Learning Skills differential advantage lies in its industry recognition, valid and certified professional course, top quality content, experienced and knowledgeable faculty.

At Learning Skills, we believe in delivering complete learning experience and skill development. Moreover, enabling you to acquire industry most-sought after digital marketing skills. That not only help you grab high paying job but also charts out lifelong professional learning orientation.

Therefore, we give you top 10 reasons to join take our online digital marketing courses right now.

We have two online courses listed on our website that are:

  • Online Digital Marketing Course
  • Online E-commerce Marketing Course

With our Online Digital Marketing Course, you get dual certification. One from Government of India autonomous instituted NIESBUD (National Institute of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development). Another from ICDL (International Computer Driving License) Asia’s Digital Marketing certification, which is valid in 170 countries including the US, UK, and India.

On the other hand, our Online E-commerce Marketing Course is certified by NIESBUD again.

The NIESBUD certificate makes you eligible to government business schemes, public bank loans, and government jobs.

Our digital marketing courses are all job and skills oriented. After consulting industry’s experts and academicians and getting approved syllabuses, we provide you with the best professional training.

We help you acquire domain expertise and soft skills. That instantly makes you job ready right after the course completion.

In addition, we help and provide you with relevant support to effectively choose your vertical and apply in the relevant field of digital marketing.

The major advantage of our digital marketing course and e-commerce course is that you could start your own business right after the course.

Our course equips you with the right knowledge, resources, and guidance to launch your business anytime. Moreover, NIESBUD certification (Govt. of India) help you to get instant approvals of bank loans for startup, and apply for startup schemes in India.

Moreover, our trainer provides you with mentoring and guidance in launching your business. But above all, NIESBUD hand holding schemes and technical support goes a long away in supporting your startup.

We can proudly claim that we have India’s most comprehensive digital marketing curriculum. As not only focus on theories but majorly focus on the practical part, skill development and application based learning.

Furthermore, our digital marketing courses include website designing and development to graphic designing, photography, videography, and advance digital topics. That you may not find in many of the digital marketing courses that are on offer in India both online and offline.

The digital marketing industry is the most dynamic industry of all, where technological advancements and innovations are changing the landscape frequently.

Therefore, it becomes important for a student of digital marketing to keep pace with all latest technologies, concepts, and know-how.

At Learning Skills, not only get to learn all latest in the digital marketing world. In addition, you also get learn using tutorials, actionable tips, and practical application.

With the immediate and practical application of learning, you learn better and faster.

Learning Skills gets you an opportunity to work on government and private digital live projects. That no other digital marketing institute in Delhi as of now placed to offer.

Above all, our trainer and Learning Skills team have had worked with Quality Council of India and NIESBUD on various government projects. We now offer this opportunity to our students to get an experience of working important live projects.

All our courses are designed to give you practical knowledge. A knowledge you can use in real-life and get the real and tangible results in turn.

For this reason, our trainer not just equips you with theories and concepts, but goes beyond that by getting you street smart tips and tricks to growth hack.

No doubt, to survive in the digital marketing world, you need to be on your toes always delivering. As a result, you need resources, orientation but above all practical knowledge to win at digital marketing game.

Often students of digital marketing bypass reading books, study materials, e-books and other reading materials. That is quite essential for your professional development in digital marketing.

In all our courses, we provide with relevant study materials in shape of books, handouts, tutorials, study materials, e-books and others.

However, there are a lot of resources available for study and reading in digital marketing. Nevertheless, our trainer ensures that you read targeted study materials only that allows you to acquire relevant skills. In addition, complete your syllabus in time.

In our digital marketing course and e-commerce marketing course, we have included free sessions on starting an online business in India.

From company registrations, trademarks, government schemes, hand-holding to financial assistance, launching a startup, and getting your first client. Our trainer will guide on each important topic to run an online business successfully.

If you are planning to take up a digital marketing job instead of starting your own business. Then again, free sessions on interview preparations and CV development are included in all our courses.

From here on, our trainer will help you to improve your Curriculum Vitae. In addition, prepare you for an interview effectively. That also includes personal and personality development.

Ultimately, the main aim of these free sessions is to help you develop important soft skills required to excel in interviews and perform effectively on the job.

If you want us to contact you for our Online Digital Marketing Course or Online E-commerce Marketing Course then fill up the contact form below.


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