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June 24, 2017
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Top 19 Job Opportunities in Digital Marketing Industry in India for a Fresher

There are abundant digital marketing jobs available in IT and digital industry of India. Post-demonetization digital industry of India has rocket boosted. Almost clocking 40-50 percent growth rate.

Therefore, there’s a new and ever-increasing demand for digital professionals now. Moreover, even IT industry in India and around the world are witnessing layoffs. That’s due to more avid focus on digital platforms and technologies.

Also, already we are witnessing increase in pay-packages, incentives, and job opportunities in India. Almost all governments, organizations and companies have declared that Digital is the future.

Are you planning to get into digital industry?

With little training in digital marketing you can start with following job opportunities. Here is the list:


1. Digital Marketing Executive Job

This is the most ideal job any fresher would want in digital marketing. As a digital marketing executive you get to work on variety of things in digital marketing.

From planning, deploying strategy to implementing and monitoring, you get to do it all.

However, to apply for such a job you required to have minimum experience of 6 months. Or If you’ve digital marketing certification then you could directly apply for the job.

Major responsibilities of a Digital Marketing Executive:

  • Digital marketing project planning
  • Online market and keyword researching
  • SEO analysis and audit
  • Social media marketing and monitoring
  • Planning online advertising and budget
  • Content planning and developing
  • Monitoring and analytics

Salary range

2.2 lacs – 5 lacs per annum


2. Social Media Account Executive Job

If you are searching for a more exciting and dynamic job in digital marketing, then it has to be social media account executive.

You get to manage a client’s or company’s social media accounts. There you have to manage not just content, but also social media CRM (customer relationship management), reputation management, social listening and a lot more.

This job will always keep you on toes and everyday will be a learning experience. Daily you would have to plan campaigns, follow trends and news, and keep an unflinching vigil.

Major responsibilities of a Social Media Account Executive:

  • Plan social media marketing and advertising
  • Plan and allocate budgets for advertising on social media
  • Monitor and follow popular trends, news and updates
  • Plan and develop social media content
  • Generate leads from social media
  • Build brand and manage online reputation
  • Seamless social listening and feedback
  • Social CRM

Salary range

1.8 lacs – 4 lacs per annum


3. Website Manager or Web Merchandiser

You need to be technically sound in web designing, development, SEO and conversion rate optimization in order to get this job.

This job could be challenging, but it also comes with its own incentives and benefits. During the most period of your job, you only get to update content and monitor traffic. That is comparatively easier than others.

However, some day high traffic, downtime or hacking can ruin your nights and days.

There are lot eCommerce startups in India even bigger players offer website manager or web merchandiser job.

Major responsibilities of a Website Manager or Web Merchandiser:

  • Enhancing user experience and interface
  • Boosting on-page traffic engagement and conversion
  • Managing on-page lead generation and conversion funnel
  • Minimizing bounce and cart abandonment rate
  • Ensuring maximum up time and safety of website
  • Managing and customizing website CMS
  • Updating and uploading content on website

Salary range

2.2 lacs – 3.5 lacs per annum


4. Content Writer

Do you have skills in writing? But don’t have knowledge in digital marketing? Then content writing could be the best place to start.

The content writing has the major role to play in digital marketing vertical. Moreover, anyone wanting to learn digital marketing and also earn simultaneously then content writing can give you this opportunity.

You can also start working as a freelancer, and learn organically. Or you could take up internship in content writing or digital marketing initially. But the most ideal thing would be to learn digital marketing and work as a content writer.

A content writer trained in digital marketing can earn up to a lac per month.

Major responsibilities of a content writer:

  • Keyword researching and online market analysis
  • Planning and writing website content
  • On-page SEO content writing
  • Writing keyword targeted blogs
  • Writing company press release, and literature
  • Planning and writing social media content
  • Writing online advertising ad copies

Salary range

2 lacs – 5 lacs per annum


5. Blogger

There’s a huge demand for bloggers in India. Whether you’re working as a freelancer or looking for a blogging job you won’t find yourself short of opportunities.

A blogger gets to do a lot of exciting work. From researching what competitors are doing to writing and developing high engaging articles and blogs. In many cases, you also get to work on user experience, graphical content, and video content.

Your job can be quite demanding only for the reason that you have to deliver results. Therefore, you have keep yourself always up.

Freelancing could be a blessing in disguise. As you gain experience as a freelancer you could earn up to lacs in a month. If you are working in a company, then again pay packages are decent.

Major responsibilities of a blogger:

  • Keyword researching and targeting
  • Write and plan blogging content
  • On-page and off-page SEO planning and implementation
  • Opt-in email marketing implementation
  • Building brand and subscribers to the blog
  • Generate qualified leads through blog
  • Build social media reputation and engagement

Salary range

2.4 lacs – 4 lacs per annum


6. SEO Executive

A job of an SEO can be tiring and monotonous due its work routine. However, if you can become an expert in SEO then sky is the limit. Moreover, salary packages can be surprisingly high.

You need some training and learning in SEO before you could start your career in SEO. A fresher trained in digital marketing can always start his/her career with SEO executive job.

There’s lot of learning involved as you have to stay updated with Google and Facebook algorithms. Moreover, you need to research a lot.

Apart from content writing, SEO executive job is also an ideal choice for a fresher.

Major responsibilities of an SEO:

  • Keyword researching, planning and targeting
  • On-page optimization SEO strategy planning and implementation
  • Off-page optimization SEO strategy planning and implementation
  • Enhancing UX and UI
  • Enhancing web traffic and conversion rate optimization
  • Meeting maximum Google ranking factors
  • Planning content and content marketing

Salary range

1.8 lacs – 3.5 lacs per annum


7. Web Analyst Executive

Are you good with numbers and number crunching? Also you can come up with interesting analysis of numbers? Then Web Analyst job could be your call in digital marketing.

A Web Analyst focuses upon monitoring and analytics part of the digital marketing. There you get to minutely observe digital marketing implementation. Apart from that, you get to analyze web data and metrics. And then come up with actionable tips and reports.

Moreover, you get to research a lot on keywords and various topics. Also, you learn more in this job.

Major responsibilities of a Web Analyst Executive:

  • Manage and use Google Analytics tool
  • Manage and use Ad serving tool for analytics
  • Develop fortnight and monthly reports on analytics
  • Keyword research and planning
  • Content research and planning

Salary range

1.6 lacs – 2.5 lacs per annum


8. WordPress Design and/or Development

WordPress CMS and website development and designing is the easiest of all CMSes to learn. You could learn to create a professional website such as ecommerce, corporate, directory or blog in short time.

In a few days you could actually get trained in WordPress website development. That too without learning to code. However, it is recommended to learn HTML, CSS and PHP web programming languages.

There is dearth of professionals in WordPress in India. Despite that there’s a huge demand for WordPress professionals. You could earn decently both as a freelancer or at job.

Major responsibilities of a WordPress professional:

  • Create and install WordPress themes
  • Customize WordPress website
  • Plan and manage UX and UI of WordPress website
  • SEO optimize WordPress website
  • Social media optimization of WordPress website
  • Maximize CRO and traffic management

Salary range

2.5 lacs – 5 lacs per annum


9. Online Video Producer and/or Marketer

Do you have knack for online video? Do you have capacity to come with creative new ideas for video content every time?

If answer is yes, then online video production and marketing should be your first choice. There’s a research that confirms that online video can increase lead generation up to 80 percent.

That’s why online video has crucial role to play in digital marketing. Though there are few job opportunities in it but all are lucrative.

You required to have training in video production and digital marketing to be eligible for this job.

Major responsibilities of an Online Video Producer:

  • Plan and produce online videos
  • News-jack and trend-jack
  • Research and target consumer trends
  • Build brand and generate leads
  • Maximize customer engagement and delight
  • Manage brand online reputation

Salary range

2.2 lacs – 3.5 lacs per annum


10. Affiliate Account Executive

There are companies that run affiliate campaigns to generate sales and leads online. Such companies offer affiliate account executive jobs.

You could start your journey to lucrative digital marketing career from here. However, you will need to get trained in affiliate marketing and affiliate software management.

The job satisfaction and salaries are high. Moreover, you get to handle lacs to crores of rupees’ online transactions. And witness explosive sales and leads generation.

Major responsibilities of an Affiliate Account Executive:

  • Plan and executive affiliate marketing campaigns
  • Manage affiliates and online transactions
  • Boost sales and online lead generation using affiliate marketing
  • Resolve disputes and queries of affiliates
  • Monitor and manage affiliate marketing policy implementation
  • Maximize affiliate marketing efficiency

Salary range

2 lacs – 3.5 lacs per annum


11. Google AdWords Executive

Have you recently acquired Google AdWords certification? Then most probably you’re ready to get hired by a company.

As Google AdWords is becoming the first choice for advertising for many companies, in turn demand for trained professionals is growing as well.

The job opportunities are lucrative in online advertising vertical. However, pressure for results and delivery is always high. Moreover, high competition, Google’s updating algorithms and keyword researching altogether makes it difficult and challenging.

Major responsibilities of an Google AdWords Executive:

  • Research and target keywords
  • Create and deploy advertising campaigns
  • Execute and monitor advertising campaigns
  • Generate sales and leads online
  • Maximize return on investment and profits

Salary range

2.5 lacs – 4 lacs per annum


12. Online Lead Generation Executive

For this job you will need to have some training in lead management software. Moreover, you will require to have knowledge and training in SMS and email marketing, Google AdWords and Online Advertising.

The sole purpose of your job is to generate leads, nurture leads and convert them into paying customers. Therefore, you will regularly be afforded with targets to meet within time.

Though pressure to deliver could be immense. Nevertheless, the incentives and remunerations for meeting targets could be high in comparison to others.

Major responsibilities of an Online Lead Generation Executive:

  • Plan and manage online lead generation process
  • Engage and nurture leads online
  • Convert leads into paying customers
  • Maximize ROI

Salary range

2.2 lacs – 3.5 lacs per annum


13. Ecommerce Executive

India’s ecommerce industry is booming and flourishing. There are billion dollars’ companies to small startups, that are hiring rigorously in India. Moreover, the job progression is straight up in these companies.

Any fresher wanting to become ecommerce executive should get trained in ecommerce specifically. Apart from that you will require good market and trends knowledge. Also, you should be good at number crunching and MS Excel software.

The work culture is pretty dynamic and you get to learn lot of things in ecommerce segment. In a startup, you would get flexi-hours and organic growth.

Major responsibilities of an Ecommerce Executive:

  • Plan and manage ecommerce sales funnel
  • Maximize online customer service quality and delight
  • Manage complete customer lifecycle online
  • Plan and manage online CRM
  • Use online CRM software app for service delivery
  • Manage inventory control and online logistics apps

Salary range

2.2 lacs – 4 lacs per annum


14. Email Marketing Executive

Do you have skills and knowledge in email marketing? Do you have training in email marketing? Then you could start your career in digital marketing with email marketing executive job.

An email marketing executive prime job is to manage an email marketing software such as Mailchimp, Mandrill, Aweber etc. And generate clicks, leads and sales through email only.

Email marketing executive job can be easier in a small firm. But in large company you would have to deal with complex email systems.

Major responsibilities of an Email Marketing Executive:

  • Plan, execute and monitor email marketing strategy
  • Procure and segment email marketing data
  • Use opt-in strategies to build targeted email lists
  • Maximize delivery, open and click rates
  • Minimize bounce, spam and unsubscribe rate

Salary range

1.8 lacs – 3.5 lacs per annum


15. PPC Executive

PPC (Pay Per Click) Executive major job is to ensure maximum returns on online advertising spend. Also, to ensure maximum generation of leads and sales online.

In order to get this job, you will be required to have more than Google AdWords certification. You will be required to have knowledge of Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, Affiliate Marketing and Online Advertising.

This job is one of the most challenging job, where you would be asked to meet sales/leads target. Moreover, keep a track of each penny spent. But for a fresher this job could be a learning experience that pays well.

Major responsibilities of an PPC Executive:

  • Plan and allocate budgets to online advertising campaigns
  • Manage and execute placement and media buying strategies
  • Ensure maximum ROI
  • Generate and manage online leads and conversion funnel
  • Come up with creative ideas to generate sales and conversion tactics

Salary range

2.5 lacs – 5 lacs per annum


16. Content Management Executive

In this job position, you will be required to manage company’s website content and lead a team of freelance content writers.

But to be eligible for this job you will be required to have excellent writing skills and training in content management. Also, knowledge of CMS (content management system) such as WordPress, Joomla, OpenCart, and/or Magento will be an added advantage.

Your aim of job will be to ensure seamless and accurate content flow to customers/online users. Meanwhile, ensuring timely delivery of quality content by freelancers.

Major responsibilities of a Content Management Executive:

  • Plan and execute Content Management strategies
  • Lead and manage team of freelance content writers
  • Ensure timely delivery of content
  • Updating content on Website or digital assets regularly
  • Writing, editing, proofreading and SEO optimizing online content

Salary range

2.2 lacs – 4 lacs per annum


17. Content Specialist

There’s a demand for content specialist in various domains such as education, travel, IT, ecommerce, B2B etc. Though majority of jobs for content specialist are offered to experienced and seasoned professionals.

Nevertheless, if you are trained in digital marketing and have domain expertise in a particular vertical then you can always apply for such jobs. The authority and salary packages are higher than other fresher’s jobs.

Moreover, the learning experience and freedom to experiment is unmatched. On the job, you don’t get to meet targets. Instead you get time and space to focus on what you do best.

Major responsibilities of a Content Specialist:

  • Plan and develop domain specific content
  • Follow market trends and news updates
  • Network deeper within domain with other experts
  • Co-create and collaborate with other experts
  • Provide create ideas to target audience and engage
  • Enhance users’ content consumption experience

Salary range

3 lacs – 6 lacs per annum


18. Content Marketing Executive

In digital world, content marketing is the most effective marketing strategy of all. Almost all top companies to small startups usually employs this tactic to build brand and generate leads.

You can join the world of content marketing as a content marketing executive. On this job, you will get to learn a lot about content, consumer and engagement.

Moreover, the salaries and incentives are also lucrative. But above all, you get to realize your creative potential. In addition, you also get to work upon your skills and knowledge in digital marketing.

Major responsibilities of a Content Marketing Executive

  • Collaborate with content marketing team
  • Come up with creative ideas to target, engage and convert
  • Research and analyze market trends
  • Develop content – text, graphic and video – content for various platforms
  • Develop fortnight and monthly content marketing campaigns

Salary range

2.5 lacs – 4.5 lacs per annum


19. Mobile Marketing Manager or Executive

Mobile marketing sector is the most dynamic sector of digital marketing. New innovative apps every now and then are disrupting industries and businesses.

If you are certified in mobile app development or digital marketing, then you could enter this field. You can always start with Mobile Marketing Manager or Executive job.

In this job, you get to market an app or a digital asset that specifically targets audience based on mobile devices. The mobile app world is still unexplored that could open doors to new opportunities for you.

Moreover, future is going digital with mobile. Hence, a career in mobile marketing will give you a futureproof career.

Major responsibilities of a Mobile Marketing Manager:

  • Plan and execute mobile marketing campaigns
  • Ensure App Store Optimization (ASO)
  • Get positive feedbacks and reviews
  • Deliver seamless CRM experience
  • Maximize customer engagement on mobile
  • Design and deploy customer sales funnel on mobile
  • Monitor and manage analytics of mobile traffic

Salary range

2.2 lacs – 5 lacs per annum


The list is exhaustive, I believe. But I may have missed lot other job opportunities for a fresher in this article. Therefore, I would love to have your suggestions shared in comment box below.

Also, if you have any questions then feel free to ask it.

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